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Our team

Jonathan Nguyen.jpg

Jonathan Nguyen // Photographer

Jonathan has a weird mix of skills that just seem to work really well together much like the ingredients that make his favourite drink, the Negroni (gin, Campari and vermouth, REALLY?!) If you ask him what he brings to the Creative Services Company he’d tell you he takes really good pictures and is really good at selling things through social media. Of course, he would say that.

He started out as an event and news photographer in Sydney, Australia and for about 8 years covered every major touring artist to visit the Australian shores running the spectrum from Jamiroquai to Paul Kelly and Missy Higgins for 3D World Magazine (gone) and ITM (now Music Junkee).

After way too many parties, red carpets and two Federal Elections, he decided it was probably time to get a real job.

He spent the next 20 years writing code and writing ads with 12 years in various in-house marketing and advertising agency roles, the bulk of them at Ogilvy specialising in social media. In that time he developed campaigns for airlines such as Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, Jetsar, FMCG products like Coca-Cola, Nestle and even Kotex (ask him about that weird focus group one day) and serious B2B things for IBM and Intel.

Despite all this seriousness, the nagging question “should I just go back to taking pictures?” was well, always nagging. Now with two decades of internet and marketing experience blended into the photography you should book him.

Karis Cheng.jpg

Karis Cheng // Designer

Karis “Why did I get a finance degree?” Cheng as she is affectionately known by her friends discovered that after topping her business school she was actually really quite good at design. So she showed up at Ogilvy and pitched for a position on the oft coveted, rarely awarded Fellowship program and won one of only four positions. Clearly the talent for advertising was there all along.

In that time she worked with Nike, Cathay Pacific and a bunch of high end hotels, she really liked working with the hotels. “Hotels are the only people who have to honestly bring their brand into the physical world and create experiences every minute!” Don’t get her started…

After explaining to one too many clients that making the logo bigger would show the glaring problems in the logo’s kerning she decided to move to Ogilvy’s branding agency SuperUnion and help them create those brands.

She completely nerds out on typography, letterpress and chocolate chip cookies and she said to tell you about her awards, something to do with a Bronze Lion statue, a Silver Clio and D&AD Wood Pencil. They’re important awards she says but they do sound like a selection of accoutrements for a hipster cafe.